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In 2017 organiseerde Korzo, wederom op initiatief van Henriette Bernal, de Monday Movement Intensive. Deze keer onder de choreografische leiding van Heather Ware. Samen met een enthousiaste, gemixte groep dansers (professionals en amateurs) werkten we in korte tijd toe naar een voorstelling in het Korzo theater.

Het is altijd een mooi avontuur om in de gedachtenwereld van andere choreografen te stappen en de wereld van Heather is een hele bijzondere. Het was ontzettend fijn om samen met andere gepassioneerde dansers op het toneel te staan en om zoveel energie in inspiratie te krijgen van Heather.








Monday Movement Intensive 2017

Since 2011 Korzo has been organizing the Monday Movement Classes. The classes are open to anyone with a passion and curiosity for dance, and are led by choreographers working in Korzo at the time. The classes are an open playground for choreographers and participants alike, a chance to experience and share movement material and working methods currently being created in the dance community.

A core group of dedicated participants approached Korzo with a clear idea: we want more. Longer research and a more committed working time. Organized entirely by the participants themselves, this year this request has taken the form of the so-called Monday Movement Intensive, a 5 day workshop with 12 participants led by Heather Ware. Having danced with LeineRoebana in Amsterdam for the past 15 years, Heather had recently made the step into creating her own choreographic work. Her duet performance Reapproaching Bach premiered in the CaDance festival at Korzo in January, followed shortly by her first ensemble work Battle Abbey in March 2017. “As a relatively new maker, being asked to lead the Monday Movement Intensive is both an honour and a very exciting opportunity. The research I am busy with is fresh, and personal. Having the opportunity to share this research with 12 dedicated and curious movers, from all walks of life brought together by a shared passion for dance, is invaluable. The participants bring a fresh take to where the ideas I bring can go. Spending this time in the studio with people who dance for freedom, joy, expression, curiosity, and healing, is inspiring, and brings me a chance to study my own passion for dance in a different light. The research we are doing is multidimensional, but stemming from the relationship between our emotional and our physical realities. We use our fantasy and imagination to guide our emotional world, and are exploring how that connects to our physical presence. This also leads to a deeper study of how the body works- both technically and in relation to our emotions. The research that is brought on by having the chance to lead this workshop will have great influence on how I take my choreographic study further, and how I approach my own dance in general.”

Curious? Sunday June 18 at 15.00 we offer an informal presentation of the work we have been doing. Entrance is free. We would love to welcome you there!