Looking As An Act of Witnessing
In the instant before the world collapses
Transforms reshapes the third time this minute
Our breaths catch and we
Hold the same air as it ripples, disappears, reforms in our
Exhale curling up the tail of a cat, curious
We wind around each other,
Concentric not quite circles, the pull of witnessing
Each other witness the same miracle, looking
To know – what did you see when you looked
At that which moved the world and the looking
Changed you, and changed me?

Caroline Mary Abraham

Choreography: Irene van Zeeland
Dancers: Patrick Zordan Irene van Zeeland
Images & Editing: Carolina Kzan
Music: Herman Witkam
Text: Caroline Mary Abraham
Still: Nicolas Blachon
Production: Omaro Productions
Filmed at LeKube Studio