MSc Public Administration
Public Management, Public Administration from the Erasmus University Rotterdam – 2012 to 2013

Public Administration from the Erasmus University Rotterdam – 2011 to 2012

Certificate Program
Contemporary dance at the Merce Cunningham Studio in New York City (USA) – 2010 to 2011

Bachelor of Dance in Education
Dance Teacher at the Theaterschool Amsterdam – 2004 to 2008
Dispense D.E. (France) in contemporary dance.

Havo for Music and Dance in Rotterdam – graduated in 2004



2024 Choreographer for Danse Ta Vie – a film by Jean Pierre Ameris for France Televisions
I have created all the choreographies, and play the choreographer, in the television film around the journey of a young wheelchair dancer with big ambitions.

2024 – now Holland Dance Festival, Artistic Lead Europe Beyond Access
As the artistic lead for Holland Dance Festival within Europe Beyond Access I curate the contribution of HDF in this project, selecting artists and performances to work with as well as shaping and hosting the biannual DanceAble Symposium.

2023 – now Kâyastha Yoga, Paris, France
I teach a weekly barre au sol class open to all bodies and all ages.

2023 AllMoov by Magali Saby – 2024 Pulsations
Choreographer for the project 2024 Pulsations with Magali Saby. Inclusive dance creation over the course of 6 months with several performances at Theatre El Duende (Ivry-sur-Seine) and Anis Gras, Le Lieu de l’Autre (Arcueil), supported by Harmonie Mutuelle.

2022 – now BeTogether Academie, Paris, France
Classes and workshops around inclusive dance, for example at Carreau du Temple and Anis Gras, Le Lieu de l’Autre.

2020 Holland Dance Festival, The Hague, Netherlands
Together with Heather Ware I am creating a choreography for the Holland Dance Festival. Performances will be 1st and 2nd of February 2020 at the Korzo Theater in The Hague.

2019 – now Paris Marais Dance School, Paris, France
I teach modern dance and improvisation at the vocational training program of the Paris Marais Dance School under the direction of Maggie Boogaart and Ghislain de Compreignac.

2019 – now Holland Dance Festival, The Hague, Netherlands
As the Head of the Education and Outreach department of the Holland Dance Festival I am in charge of projects on integrated dance (dance for people with and without disabilities), people 55 years and up, advanced amateur dancers, dance teacher training and projects for primary schools.

2018 – now Centre de Danse du Marais, Paris, France
As a regularly returning guest teacher I have been teaching workshops on contemporary dance (based in the Cunningham technique) and contemporary partnering in collaboration with Alberto Barletta.

2018 – now Omaro Productions
In collaboration with Carolina Kzan Xavier I have been working on several projects combining dance and film. As an assistant director and choreographer I work on films that sometimes center around dance and movement and sometimes use it as a means to transfer the message of the movie.

2018 Dancing with the Elements, Gozo, Malta
As an initiator and teacher I have been active in setting up dance vacations in Gozo in collaboration with Gozo Home. From a weekend to a full week, there are several retreats per year in Gozo where we explore dancing with the elements in different locations on the beautiful island.

2018  Himachal Dance Residency, Dharamshala, India
As a faculty member for Cunningham and Pedagogy I was invited to the Himachal Dance Residency to teach for two months. Teaching students from different countries and different backgrounds alongside a team of teachers to improve their skills as contemporary dancers.

2017 Different studios across New Delhi, India
I have been invited to different studios in New Delhi to teach Cunningham based modern dance classes to a wide variety of levels. Studios include: Natya Ballet Center, Musical Dreams, Moving Souls Ltd., Azraya, NarenJayan Studio and The Dance Ministry.

2016 – 2018 Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts, Bangalore, India
As a guest teacher for classical ballet, contemporary dance, pedagogy and arts management I am associated with Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts in Bangalore. This two year program for contemporary dancers was established in 2006 and has delivered a lot of dancers already. Attakkalari is, with its professional training program and biennial festival, a leading organization for contemporary dance in (South) India.

2009 – now Balletstudio Marieke van der Heijden, Amsterdam
As a contemporary dance teacher I have worked for Balletstudio Marieke van der Heijden for years. Besides teaching regular classes I also sub for my colleagues on a regular basis in the classical ballet classes and the kids classes. I also help Marieke with the business side of the school.

2008 – now Centre de Danse du Marais, Paris, France
The Centre de Danse du Marais has a regular system where from September until June they have a set of teachers and for the summer months they have (regular) international guest teachers. Since 2008 I have been part of this team of international guests. I teach contemporary dance classes based on the Cunningham technique for different levels – from enthusiastic amateurs to (pre)professionals.

2014 – 2016 Process manager at Holland Dance Festival
At Holland Dance I am responsible for the total budget, fundraising, managing the financial administration, HR and business management. I work closely with the general director and the heads of department in the organization to create smooth processes and long-term strategy in a foundation that does not get structural funding.

2014 – 2015 Business Manager at ZID Theater
As the business manager for ZID Theater – a group of actors creating community arts performances – I worked closely with the artistic director. I was responsible for managing the process of the financial administration, fundraising, HR and customer relation management.

2013 – 2014 Business Manager at Stichting Art Generation
As the business manager ad interim for Art Generation – a company that creates performances and workshop series for high schools – I was responsible for setting up budgets, fundraising, contract management, marketing, communication and acquisition.

2013 – 2014 Interim Business Manager at Theatergroep Poolse Vis
As the business director ad interim I was responsible for advising this physical theater company on their business strategy including the financial administration and sponsor and fundraising program.

2013 Intern Ministry Education, Science and Culture, Arts Department
At the arts department of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science I have worked on a publicity campaign to stimulate philanthropy and I have done research on leadership in the cultural sector.

2019 Mon Livre Rouge (post-production) with Flow Performing Arts and Carolina Kzan, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2018 Panis et Circenses (post-production) with Carolina Kzan, Paris, France
2018 UNI with Alberto Barletta, Paris, France
2018 Rasgha Mortalha (selected for ViDEOSKiN, Canada) with Carolina Kzan, Paris, France
2018 “ब्रेकर / Brotsjór” with Narayan Sharma, New Delhi, India
2017 “Exercises on Music for Dance“, with Angelo Foley – Attakkalari, Bangalore, India
2017 “Monday Movement Intensive” Heather Ware, Korzo Producties, The Hague
2017 “Love Trials” – Attakkalari, Bangalore, India
2016 “Pictures of Things” Amos Ben-Tal, Korzo Producties, The Hague
2015 Judith van der Klink, Dakota Theater, The Hague
2011 “Event” Spring Concert Merce Cunningham Studio, New York City
2011 “Habitats” Anita Cheng Dance, New York City
2010 “2:1″, The Hague /Amsterdam
2009 Choreography project, Utrecht/Brno, Tsjechië
2009 Sam de Film, NFTA, Amsterdam